Best Cheap Digital Pianos Reviews [10 Budgeted Picks]

Best Cheap Digital Pianos Reviews [10 Budgeted Picks]

Do you want to buy a cheap digital piano? You’re in luck because I will tell you about the best affordable digital pianos, whether you are looking for something just for playing around or if you need an instrument with more advanced features.

We have researched and found great products from some of your favorite brands, including Yamaha, Casio, Roland, and Korg. When it comes to finding a reliable and affordable digital piano, there are many options. The decision can be overwhelming, from brands like Yamaha and Roland to more budget-friendly Casio or Korg. The goal of this article is to help you find the best cheap digital pianos that will suit your needs.

What to Consider When Choosing the best cheap digital pianos


Are you getting into music, or are you currently pursuing music?  If you’re getting into it, then this article is for you. As I’ve already stated in the title of this article, if you’re looking to get into music (or starting), then I recommend that you look at buying a lower-end piano. The lower end does not mean they are poor or lack sound quality! More affordable brands like Casio and Yamaha make great beginner models. We’ll go over their pros and cons in more detail later on!  But, in general, if you are not looking to sound like a professional musician in the future (or even in the present), you should aim for something cheaper. But if you’re already on your way to becoming a professional pianist, this is still aimed at helping you find the best option out there!

I am currently pursuing music and have been playing piano for six years. Therefore, I am experienced with beginner pianos and can tell when one lacks quality or has a bad design. Additionally, it may be better to invest more into an instrument that will last for several years of heavy use. Remember, I’m also trying to save money, so it’s essential for,


Hobbyist or Pursuing Music Career?


If you’re a beginner or just starting, then I do not recommend going for the more expensive brands right away. A lower-end digital piano from a brand like Casio or Yamaha can be as great in sound quality and design as the more expensive ones! Some of them have even been designed by top engineers from these high-end companies. I’m currently playing this CDP130 from Casio, which has come highly recommended to me by several pianists pursuing their music careers. At around $300-$350, this is a steal! It includes 128 different built-in songs/pieces AND has a lesson function to help your learning progress! The keys are full size (the same size as an acoustic piano!) and can be adjusted to your height. It also has several different sounds to play with, including grand piano sound.

Tip: If you’re buying this for yourself, I recommend that you adjust the touch sensitivity depending on what feels more comfortable. It will change how hard or soft you have to press. For example, if it’s all the way up (which is most sensitive), then pressing down too softly will not produce a sound! So go in there but don’t mess around too much with the settings until you know what you’re doing.


Built-in Speakers:


These cheaper brands include speakers in their pianos which are usually of poor quality; however they still work. They do not have that “oomph” behind the sound that is needed for a big performance.

If you’re looking to get your music out there, I suggest buying an upright piano with good speakers! Even if it costs more, the sound quality will be worth it compared to these weaker ones. However, for personal use or even just learning how to play, I still recommend getting something cheaper so you can get used to playing the keys first before dealing with higher-end brands.


 Sound Quality and Songs:

These low-end pianos usually have terrible audio quality in terms of their built-in speakers. So although they are great instruments by themselves, don’t expect anything too loud or clear from the speakers! Now, if you’re going to use headphones with it, then this is no problem.

Suppose you are looking for a beginner digital piano that may suit your needs in terms of songs and sound quality. In that case, I recommend checking out the guitars & pianos website if you want a recommendation! Also, check out my other articles on some helpful tips on choosing a piano. As for now, understand that these low-end pianos have poor sound quality so maybe look into separate speakers or headphones or something?

In terms of learning how to play the piano, they usually include several different learning functions, such as lessons and scales. These features can help when learning how to read sheet music too! So once again, only buy if you want to play the piano for personal/hobbyist use. If you’re going for more professional quality, I suggest looking into grand pianos with good speakers because they will get your music out there!


Some additional Features:


These low-end pianos usually do not have any special features besides lessons and songs. They don’t usually come with pedals or anything like that but can be found in higher-end models, so keep in mind if you do plan on getting one of those later on down the road!

Usually only comes with 128 built-in songs and eight different tones (which I think is enough). Sometimes they even include recordings from famous artists, which is pretty cool if you want to play a song just like a professional pianist!




When it comes to the design of these lower-end pianos, they look beautiful in their ways with all the lights and colors on them! However, my only concern is that they usually have plastic keys instead of firm ones. It can make digital keyboards uncomfortable compared to the natural feel of an acoustic piano. Although you can buy a stand for your laptop if you’re going for a more professional/portable option, I suggest looking into upright pianos because they are sturdy and well made out of wood covers, making them a lot more comfortable when playing for extended periods! Tip: Make sure you check that the legs are sturdy before buying!




As for piano sounds, they usually come with 128 built-in songs and eight different tones. Although I think this is good enough because you’re not trying to sound like a professional pianist. If you want additional variety, look into higher-end models!

Sometimes they even include recordings from famous artists, which is pretty cool if you want to play a song just like a professional pianist! Also, make sure it comes with audio inputs/outputs so you can plug in your phone or something.



As you can see, the keys are covered in plastic. It makes my fingers hurt just looking at it! Also, having a stand is essential if you want a digital keyboard because we all know we can’t always sit down and play at our computer desks. Suppose you plan to use the piano for long periods or get a more professional/upright piano. In that case, I suggest checking out the guitars & pianos website because they have good tips and suggestions! However, one last thing is to look into foldable stands, so it’s easier to transport and bring around with you when needed.




These low-end pianos usually do not have any special features besides lessons and songs. They don’t usually come with pedals or anything like that but can be found in higher-end models, so keep in mind if you do plan on getting one of those later on down the road!

Also, make sure it comes with audio inputs/outputs so you can plug in your phone or something.

However, one last thing is to look into foldable stands, so it’s easier to transport and bring around with you when needed.


10 Best cheap digital pianos

#1. Alesis, 88 Beginner Digital Piano

#2. Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard

#3. Alesis Recital Pro – 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard

#4. YAMAHA PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard

#5. YAMAHA PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard

#6. Casio LK-265 61-Key Lighted Portable Touch Sensitive Keyboard

#7. LAGRIMA Electric Piano Keyboard

#8. Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano – Black Bundle

#9. Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano – Black Bundle 

#10. Korg B1SP 88 key Digital Piano Package

#1. Alesis, 88 Beginner Digital Piano


Product features

The Alesis is a beginner digital piano keyboard. It is only intended for light use and does not function well as a professional musical instrument. Infrared sensors read the 88 keyboards, so if the player hits one of the black keys hard enough to cause vibrations, it can confuse the sensor and give you an incorrect note reading. You also cannot play on this model if your fingers or fingernails are overly calloused or long; otherwise, your natural skin oils may affect the performance of these sensors.

Alesi’s series pianos offer several preset voices (instrument sounds), including grand piano, electric grand piano, marimba, vibraphone (vibes), pipe organ (choir/strings/flute), harpsichord, and a few others. The Alesis features a rich grand piano voice that sounds relatively realistic to the human ear. For some reason, though, it does not have a separate bass note section. It has 100 different rhythms to choose from, so it’s easy for beginners to start by just turning on one of the built-in preset patterns.

The “auto power off” function is very annoying because it turns itself off if you leave this instrument alone for more than about 5 minutes. It means that if I’m playing with headphones on quietly to wake up my family members. At the same time, they’re asleep, and I usually end up having to interrupt what I’m doing and turn the piano back on after about 3 minutes of being idle.

The Alesis is relatively lightweight and small, so it’s easy to transport from place to place if necessary. It also has a very generous library of built-in instrument sounds which are pretty decent for this price range. However, due to its limited polyphony (only 32 notes), this model is only acceptable for practicing purposes and not especially suitable as a practical performance keyboard at all. I’d recommend spending some extra money on something better if you can afford it.

This piano has some MIDI features, but the USB port only functions with Windows computers; Mac users are out of luck with that feature altogether. There are 25 preset songs built into this particular brand name digital piano keyboard, but there’s no way to record your compositions or input chord progressions.

The headphone jacks and volume control work fine, but the aux line-in jack is poorly designed to start with; it’s hard to get a traditional phone plug (headphones) into that port without feeling like you’re forcing it, and then you end up having to hold the cord in place because the instrument only has 1/8″ port size. It would have been better if Alesis had included a small USB sound card so people could play those built-in songs through external speakers if desired. If you buy this as an inexpensive starter keyboard for your child, be prepared for them not to listen to anything other than themselves whenever they use it.

Product Pros

As a beginner piano, it has drum/percussion and general tracks for people who may not know how to play piano

The Alesis name is known for quality

Product Cons

Poor connectivity (not Bluetooth compatible and only has a cable that comes with the package).

No headphone jack


#2. Casio CTK-3500 61-Key Touch Sensitive Portable Keyboard


Product features

The Casio CTK-3500 is an entry-level keyboard. The CTK-3500 has 61 touch-sensitive keys, 11 drum pads, and over 300 sounds built into the board. It also features two multi-effects engines, USB MIDI Support for use with music education applications like EZkeys , and it includes a songbook (song collection) that teaches you to play your favorite songs on piano or keyboard. This feature can help users develop their skills in chords and melodies quickly. When using the Songbook mode of this keyboard, you do not need to own any other equipment; all you will need is headphones or external speakers (not included in delivery).

The CTK-3500 has built-in speakers that are above average quality compared to other keyboards in its price range. This Casio keyboard also features the ability to record one track at a time, allowing for creativity to flow when soundtrack melodies or rhythms. This keyboard is geared towards beginner musicians but will still be helpful for an experienced player who wants a cheap alternative until they can afford something better. Everything you need comes with this Casio keyboard, including AC adapter/power supply, phone-style sustain pedal, music stand, adjustable height stand for the keyboard itself, and instructional booklet/songbook, which teaches you how to play various songs on piano or keyboard using simple chord symbols. Once plugged into your computer, the EZkeys music education software will help you understand the basics of chord progressions, scales, and musical notation.

The Casio CTK-3500 is very lightweight at less than 14 lbs. It makes transport easy if you want to take your keyboard to a friend or family member’s home for practice sessions. As stated earlier, this 61 key keyboard does have touch-sensitive keys, which allows it to be played just like an acoustic piano with some adjustment on the player’s part. If you are looking for something portable that won’t break your back when carrying it around, the CTK-3500 is perfect for you! Although not quite as sturdy as its cousins in Casio’s Privia line, this keyboard is great for someone who will not throw it around or use it on the road during gigs.

The Casio CTK-3500 is more of a starter keyboard than anything else, but if you are looking for one you can grow with, this is perfect for you! It’s got all the bells and whistles of keyboards that cost twice its price, with a bonus of being small enough to transport without needing several people to help move it. If you’re in the market for a new portable keyboard, then look no further because the Casio CTK-3500 is everything you need at an affordable price.  EZkeys is compatible with Windows Vista/7/8/10 or later (including Mac OS X 10.8 or above) and requires internet access for activation. EZkeys is also compatible with the older Windows XP, Windows Vista (in compatibility mode), and Windows 7 (in compatibility mode). The latest version of Adobe Flash Player is required to run EZkeys.

Product Pros

A USB port is located on the side of the keyboard, allowing you to connect and play directly from a USB flash drive.

There are 400 built-in tones, 175 rhythms, and 70 arpeggio patterns.

Product Cons

There is no power supply with the keyboard. It’s a bummer that I have to go out and buy an accessory to use this product. It would cost me more money to use this keyboard than if I were to go out and buy a new one.

There is no battery pack. If you’re in the car or on a plane, this keyboard is out of luck unless you bring along your power supply.


#3. Alesis Recital Pro – 88 Key Digital Piano Keyboard


Product features

The Alesis Recital Pro is a digital piano with 88 weighted keys. The SFQ-2 triple pedal unit, which is included in this set, features assignable pedals that can be used for orchestral or pianistic expression. Three touch curves are available on the keyboard to suit the player’s preference.

This feature enhances the expressive capabilities of the keys when playing pianissimo passages by reducing critical noise and providing resistance in the lower range of essential travel so subtle nuances are more easily played. As velocity increases, the amount of resistance lightens, further enhancing performance in loud sections.

This function softens all three pedals in ranges between quietest and normal depending on how hard they are pressed.

If desired, this feature reduces the amount of noise the keys make when you release them. The effect is more significant at lower volumes, but it doesn’t affect quick passages or staccato playing techniques.

This feature enables more realistic reproduction of an acoustic piano feel by allowing independent adjustment of crucial off and key down velocity so that heavier touch produces a slightly slower sound with somewhat less percussive attack followed by a subtle yet noticeable residual sound after pressing lifting the key. In addition, Hammer Response allows for further customization with three levels of simulation, which can be switched during the performance to suit your musical preference or style.

A traditional piano S pedal remains fixed, while the soft pedal on an acoustic piano can be used as a sostenuto or a true half-blow sustain. In the latter function, pressing down on the soft pedal sustains only those notes held at the time by all 88 keys.

This effect enhances the sense of realism when playing samples recorded from a Yamaha concert grand piano that has been specially processed to simulate how a real piano responds when using its damper (sustain) pedal.

This feature adds depth and richness to your performance by adding sounds such as vibrato or chorus during sustained notes. You can control the depth of effect with the front panel modulation wheel.

This effect provides ambiance and depth by simulating the reverberations inside an acoustic piano when played in a concert hall or other large room.


Product Pros

Includes triple pedal unit, power adapter, and music stan

Headphones can be plugged in

Product Cons

The piano has a brief sustain time, an issue that is familiar with digital pianos.

It’s claimed to be “class compliant,” but that hasn’t worked consistently on Windows 10, making the USB MIDI connection unreliable.



#4. YAMAHA PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard

Product features


The Yamaha PSR-EW300 is a 76 key portable keyboard. It is made by the world-renowned musical instrument company “Yamaha” and is part of their “Digital Entertainment Creation Station” series. Other instruments in this range include home studio recording kits and digital pianos. The entire series has been designed with portability in mind and can be powered through batteries, making them very versatile for use during live performances without the need to plug into an electric socket.

This instrument was created mainly as a workstation for musicians looking for modern-sounding pop/rock music accompaniments or backing tracks to play alongside other musicians or singers and performs well as a standalone instrument providing realistic emulations of different devices. For example, the keyboard has over 400 different voices/sounds, including traditional instruments, modern-styled synthesizers, and electric pianos. The 76 keys are full-size velocity-sensitive, making it easy to play the instrument naturally on a real piano. The PSR-EW300 can be used for both studio-based recording and live performances. It is battery-powered, light Weight (5.8 Kg), and has an AUX-in socket allowing easy connection of other music sources such as MP3 or CD players.

This keyboard is considered semi-professional because while it has many features that professional musicians would require in their workstations, most professionals would likely sacrifice portability for better quality sounds, e.g., more realistic emulations of instruments from more expensive home digital pianos or keyboards that have weighted keys. However, this instrument is still of very high quality and suitable for musicians who perform semi-professional.

When writing this article, there are no complaints on any significant music forum review sites about the product itself (whether it be about cracks/splits in the case, keys not working correctly). However, there are mixed opinions on whether or not to purchase it over other entry-level workstations such as the Casio CDP120, which also features 76 full-sized velocity-sensitive keys and has multiple polyphony (the ability to play more than one note at once). These forums recommend basing the decision on cost versus portability and cost versus sound quality.

The product has a list price of £399 and can be purchased from most big music retailers such as Maplins or “Amazon.” It is also available in black, brown, and white colors allowing customers to choose one that complements their personal preference and home decor style. The instrument comes with the power adapter included for free, which is very useful because it does not require batteries when plugged into an electric socket. However, no other unique accessories are provided, e.g., the bag to carry around when on the move (although this could be seen as a benefit if you already own a bag like this). One product recommendation given by professionals is to purchase a sustain pedal which can be purchased from Amazon for less than £6.

In conclusion, if you are a musician who likes to play pop/rock music and perform live but doesn’t want the hassle of carrying around a large keyboard or home piano, then this product is for you. In addition, if you require portability over sound quality, this product should be considered as it has many features that other similarly priced models do not have; however, if you need a fully-fledged instrument with weighted keys and a more significant number of polyphony which could still be used in studio recordings and can bear the Weight of transport (e.g., via plane).

Product Pros

Features professional-style pitch bend and modulation wheels

Lightweight, compact design for easy transport


 Product Cons

Only one touch response; no multi-touch capability

No other sounds besides the piano


#5.  YAMAHA PSR-E263 61-Key Portable Keyboard


Product features

YAMAHA Corporation is the world’s largest manufacturer of musical instruments, and its internationally renowned product line includes nearly every type of musical instrument, accessory, and related equipment.

As an industry leader since it was established in 1887, Yamaha has developed superior technologies and production methods that give Yamaha products a reputation for quality unmatched anywhere globally.

Today, with more than 70 000 employees worldwide, including about 5 000 in the U.S., Yamaha continues to enjoy steady growth year after year. The company’s enormous success is due to its highly motivated workforce, which shares common goals, a company philosophy of striving for excellence in every endeavor, and the world’s most advanced manufacturing techniques.

From September 2011, Yamaha Corporation is launching PSR-E263, an 61 key portable keyboard with great features to offer musicians.

The Yamaha PSR-E263 is a keyboard that provides every note in your music with hundreds of great sounds and effects.

Packing 169 Voices, 50 Styles, and 120 Rhythms, you won’t be left wanting when it comes to musical enjoyment. And when it comes to sound perfection, you can rely on the A/D Converter with a 16-bit resolution / 44.1 kHz sampling rate for high-quality stereo sound reproduction.

It will be an ideal instrument for beginners and advanced players looking for a solid portable keyboard. YAMAHA PSR-E263 delivers an enormous collection of music styles from all over the world, covering many different genres of music right at your fingertips. All these styles employ Yamaha’s famous advanced Music Intelligence Technology, which can create an almost limitless number of variations of the original style. Moreover, with USB TO HOST connectivity, you can connect your keyboard to a PC or MAC computer and play along with your favorite songs in your music software.

For beginners, the PSR-E263 features Chord Book, making it easy to look up chords when playing different types of music. The user needs to press one key combination, and the entire chord structure for any given song is displayed on the screen, making learning new songs fast and fun.


Product Pros

Portable design with built-in speakers

Easy-to-use song select feature for selecting songs by their genre


Product Cons

No, cannot adjust the time signature

No file import/export


#6. Casio LK-265 61-Key Lighted Portable Touch Sensitive Keyboard


Product features

The Casio LK-265 Lighted Keyboard is Casio’s most recent and most advanced offering in their line of portable digital pianos.  The LK-265 comes with a standard 61 keys and is capable of layering two sounds at once.  This keyboard also has many other features such as 100 timbres, 70 rhythms, ten demo songs, and 20 song memory locations.  But what makes this product stand out is its light-up feature.

As the name implies, there are lights built into the keys of this piano that help guide you through your playing experience by lighting up specific notes depending on which key you are currently pressing down. It allows for easy learning for new players and helps even the most experienced players learn new songs.  Also, this instrument can layer two sounds together, making playing with both hands more fun for young children when they are first learning how to play the piano or keyboard.

With all these great features, it’s easy to see why the Casio LK-265 Lighted Keyboard is one of Casio’s most popular digital pianos in recent years.  Also, its small size makes it the perfect choice for the on-the-go musician who needs a portable model that won’t take up too much space in their home or studio.

For most people, learning how to play the piano is one of those challenges that sounds like a great idea until they sit down and try it out. With their seemingly complicated relationships, all of those black and white keys look like nothing but trouble; however, many people discover after they’ve started that the piano is a truly excellent instrument. Like most instruments, it takes time to learn how to play well, but you can do it if you have the right approach and lessons.

If you are starting on your musical journey, one of the first things to help you are getting a digital keyboard for practice. The Casio LK-265 Lighted Keyboard is one of those keyboards with all kinds of features to make it easy for anyone who wants to start learning how to play the piano. One of the unique aspects of this keyboard is its LED lights.

Product Pros

Can create their music.

Portable with a 61-key keyboard

Product Cons

The LK-265 has a reduced range of the total 88 keys found on most standard keyboards.

The Casio keyboard weighs a little bit more than most keyboards of comparable size.


#7. LAGRIMA Electric Piano Keyboard

Product features

LAGRIMA Company announced their best-selling Electric Piano Keyboard LAGONOVA, which is now available with the additional feature of Pedal Function.

The new keyboard is launched in time for Christmas and New Year celebrations and festivities. With more than 250,000 units sold globally since its launch just over a year ago, this is undoubtedly one of the most successful new product releases in recent times.

LAGRIMA Electric Piano Keyboard has been developed using five primary layouts: the C9, D9, E9, A7, and G11. It provides a very authentic playing experience that accurately reflects the dynamic range of the real solid-wood instruments.

Another unique feature is the onboard Hall Reverb, which can add extra atmosphere when appropriate. The LAGRIMA Electric Piano Keyboard has been designed for people who love music and seek the highest quality in sound reproduction and authenticity of keystrokes: providing users with hours of fun and enjoyment without needing any formal training or tuition whatsoever.

LAGRIMA Company offers a special Christmas offer of up to a 30 percent discount for the new Electric Piano Keyboard with Pedal Function, which will be available from all good stockists and online via Amazon.

Product Pros

LAGRIMA Electric Piano Keyboard is a simple yet effective keyboard that allows for the interactive experience of playing an electric piano.

LAGRIMA Electric Piano Keyboard is a fair price for an interactive electric piano and accessories.

Product Cons

Electric Piano Keyboard is heavy and bulky

The keyboard is not as responsive as physical keyboards


#8, Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano – Black Bundle


Product features

The Casio Privia PX-160 is the best digital piano for beginners and intermediate players alike. It’s packed with many of Casio’s features up to this price range, such as HAM (Harmonic Accuracy) and Linear Graded Hammer Action, while offering a great keyboard action that feels very similar to an acoustic piano, allowing you to play effortlessly during your first days of playing on it. It is a high-quality instrument in all aspects.

This bundle comes with a stand and headphones at no extra cost compared to buying them separately – a big plus, in my opinion! Here are some highlights:

Whether you’re a beginner or more advanced player looking for a digital piano that will offer an excellent playing experience without breaking the bank, consider the Casio Privia PX-160. At this price point ($499), there’s a lot to love with its 88 full-size keys, plus all of these great features packed into it.


Product Pros

Elegant and stylish design.

Finely-crafted 88 key keyboard makes for some of the industry’s best music reproduction.

Product Cons

Key Weight is too light

Noisy pedal action


#9. Yamaha P-45 Digital Piano – Black Bundle


Product features

The sound quality of this digital keyboard is worse than other high-end keyboards, but it’s also a lot cheaper. After all, this product was likely made to compete in the entry-level market.

Customers noticed that there are not very many sounds to choose from on this particular keyboard, which may disappoint some people who would like to express themselves with different types of instruments. It only includes 12 sounds in total.

Adding more buttons for additional accompaniments /songs/instruments would make it better if possible!

Additionally, providing an option for connecting headphones will allow the user to practice at any time without disturbing others.

There are also no speakers, so you would have to connect it to an external speaker or use headphones.

The price of this keyboard is its most redeeming quality, as it includes so many features and extras for such a low cost. Overall, customers were delighted with their purchase.

The good reviews on this product must be fake. Every study states no sound when playing through an amplifier or headphone jack without having volume control or an electronic device through the standard output port. i will never repurchase this cheap piece of junk!

As mentioned earlier, this beginner’s keyboard might be perfect for a small child who is just starting out on the piano. It’s easy to use and might be more attractive to kids when they see it has flashlights when played at night or in a dimly lit room.

If you know your kid will take lessons and practice regularly, this is not the best option for your long-term playability.

Using this keyboard depends on what you plan to do with it. If you want to learn how to play and get good enough to transfer over to another instrument, then no. It’s best used by younger children just learning about music, but again, dont buy if you plan on playing seriously down the road(it’s all im saying).


Product Pros

High-quality sound

88-key digital piano, with Graded Touch and Scaled Hammer Action (GH3)

Product Cons

The case is not of the best quality.

The lowest key – G1 – on the keyboard of this piano does not produce a sound when it is pressed.



#10. Korg B1SP 88 key Digital Piano Package


Product features


The Korg B1SP 88 key Digital Piano Package is the genuinely staggering model of the digital piano. This whole package deal offers standout features that are not available on any other device, even the most popular digital musicians’ models. The first feature of this product is its innovative Pedalboard Stand, which lets you attach all of your pedals for perfect positioning and more convenient usage. It also comes with an Appreciation Award from PC Music magazine, received for being named “User Friendly” compared to other digital pianos in its market.

The connectivity is set up through both USB and wireless MIDI streaming, which gives you the option of syncing with a computer or another MIDI device. When you add the free Korg Metronome app for iOS/Android devices, a rhythm trainer that features intelligent accompaniment, you have a complete package of entertainment and innovation. The built-in speakers aren’t anything super special, but they offer great quality audio that will work well for home situations where you don’t want to hook any extra equipment to your device. You can also connect headphones or an external audio system via the output jack on the back of this fantastic instrument!

The B1SP is exceptionally lightweight at only 25 pounds, making for a great product to shift from home to stage without much hassle. It comes in five different colors: black, red, brown, white, and yellow. All of these features make this product the best digital piano under 1000!



Product Pros

Comes with Korg B1SP 88 key Digital Piano, sustain pedal, power adapter, and a pair of stereo headphones

It comes with multiple features, including “multiple-level touch sensitivity, ranging from soft to hard.”

Product Cons

No built-in speakers

Headphones cannot be used without the piano’s power. If it is, you risk damaging your headphones to the point that they cannot be used.




The Roland F-30 is the best digital piano for beginners. If you’re looking to get into playing a keyboard instrument, but don’t want to break your bank account in the process, then this one might be just right for you. It’s not only affordable and accessible on the wallet, but it also has an excellent sound quality which will allow you to practice at home or even perform with confidence while performing live! Check out our blog post about other products we recommend if you need more information on what else is available in terms of budget-friendly keyboards.

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